How Birds and Volunteers Can Save the World: Its Not Too Late

“How Birds And Volunteers Can Save the World” by Dr. Richard Gibbons, Director of Conservation for Audubon Texas.



Our region, including the Woodlands and Montgomery County at large, is undergoing tremendous growth, both commercial and residential. With the rapid conversion of natural spaces that provides both environmental services for people and habitat for wildlife, we can become overwhelmed with the task of bringing balance to our region.

Richard will describe how birds and volunteers can provide valuable data and meaningful engagement to slow and reverse the impacts of climate change-now and in the future. He will detail conservation projects that he has been involved with in the past and talk about current and future project of Audubon Texas.  Audubon Texas protects and manages colonial bird populations in every major bay system on the Texas Gulf Coast, identifies and conserves the most important sites for birds statewide, and has aggressive education and advocacy programs throughout the state. Richard will detail these programs and tell us how we can do our part to “save the birds.”


SPEAKER: Dr. Richard Gibbons is the Director of Conservation for Audubon Texas. Richard has worked as an ornithologist for more than two decades on the Texas Gulf Coast and throughout the Americas. Richard brings deep experience to the coastal program. Richard got his start in Corpus Christi managing colonial waterbird islands for Audubon Texas in the nineties. Since then, he has gone on to earn a PhD investigating wetland bird communities and the effects of climate change, and served as Director of Conservation for Houston Audubon where he enjoyed working on various land acquisitions, managing land for wildlife and people, developing engaging media content, and working with a diverse community of practice for Gulf Coast bird conservation projects.

We hope you’ll join us for this informative and regionally important talk.