Invasive Task Force

The January 2018 Going Green Sustainability lecture “The Quiet Invasion” by Erin Kinney provided the impetus for this TWG community ACTION project–to protect native vegetation in our green spaces. Of the more than 50 invasive plants in our region, we elected to focus on the air potato vine Dioscorea bulbifera, an introduced native of tropical Asia (our most wanted list now includes Chinese Tallow and Japanese Climbing fern, as well)

We also joined forces with the Township Environmental Services Department and the Texas Invasives Institute to host volunteer trainings and create the Invasive Task Force, an all-volunteer corp. The joint project delivers more than 1000 hours each year. Volunteers can work as much or as little as they like: weekly, monthly, or even just once a year. Find out more about this incredibly rewarding and impactful program. Contact us today.