Rain Barrels

Our TWG Rain Barrels

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Our 50-gallon Ivy Rain Barrels from Rainwater Solutions are available for online purchases at a special discounted price. A portion of each sale supports environmental education in The Woodlands, including college scholarships, library donations, lectures, and more.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Sale Price: $96

Retail: $193.99.

Price for Woodlands Water customers after rebate: $48*

NOTE: Instructions for picking up your rain barrel are on the purchase website.


If you are a resident living in any of the 10 Muds served by Woodlands Water, you are eligible for a rebate on your water bill for a portion of the purchase cost and installation. Included are:

  • Rain barrels
  • Rain sensors
  • Drip irrigation
  • Smart controllers
  • AND NOW — Native Plants (click here for a list of authorized plants and participating nurseries)

*The rebate is for 50% of the purchase price and installation of any of the above devices. The rebate can be as high as $150. The $150 maximum can include any of the above items and is cumulative. In other words, you can purchase a rain barrel for $96, receive a $48 rebate, and still have $102 left for future purchases.

To received your rebate, submit your receipt(s) in person to the Customer Service Desk at the Water Resources Building, 2455 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands 77380 OR email it to billingdepartment@woodlandswater.org.

For questions or additional information, email info@thewoodlandsgreen.org.

Installing Your Barrels

Rain barrel installation is simple. This video shows you all you need to know.

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