About Us

TWG Welcomes Individuals, Families, Businesses, and Organizations as Partners

In Our Mission: Building a Sustainable Community Through Education & Action

Putting the mission into action

TWG engages the community through numerous sustainability initiatives.
 Where can YOU make a difference?

The Invasives Task Force (ITF)

volunteers supporting ecological health by removing invasive plants from our green spaces.

Student Ambassadors

Environmental volunteer opportunities for 9th-12th graders

GREEN Scholarships

annual support for college-bound students seeking to make a difference for our environment.

Community Gardening

providing nutritious organic produce for our local food pantry.

Going Green Lectures

covering a wide range of environmental topics from groundwater reports, renewable energy, watershed health, regional flood planning, local native flora and fauna, and more.

Pollinator Support

through education and habitat creation.

A Partnership That Prioritizes Sustainability

TWG works closely with The Woodlands Township (TWT) to promote sustainability education programs and events, such as Arbor Day Tree Giveaway, Earth Day Greenup (litter pickup), Woodlands Landscaping Solutions event, 3R Recycling Event and the Invasive Species Task Force. This partnership reflects the history and vision of The Woodlands, and the desire of The Woodlands’ founder George P. Mitchell to balance urban development and the natural environment.

Leading The Way

The Woodlands GREEN’S team of Directors encompasses a wide range of passions and backgrounds (including local high school students). We pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty and leading by example. We’d love to have you at our next monthly meeting and we hope you’ll join us in Taking Action.   

2022 Board Of Directors

Teri MacArthur


Debra Wymore


Steve Gorman


Kathie Herrick


Paul Nelson


Wendy Packer


Maryann Braid


John Geiger


Lillian Saucier


Jonathan Packer

The Woodlands GREEN
PO Box 9934
The Woodlands TX 77387

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